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Réf. : FA5184



Direction artistique : LAWRENCE SCHULMAN
Nombre de CD : 2

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Prix 29.99 €
Artiste légendaire d’Hollywood, Judy Garland a marqué l’ensemble de la création artistique américaine du milieu du XXe siècle : le cinéma, la scène, la radio et la chanson. Son inégalable "Over the Rainbow" a été élu « chanson du siècle » et cinq de ses enregistrements sont entrés au Grammy Hall of Fame.
Lawrence Schulman propose ici une anthologie exceptionnelle pour tous publics avec un premier disque composé des plus grands titres de Judy Garland et un second réunissant des inédits discographiques en provenance de collections privées – dont la rareté excusera une qualité sonore inférieure aux enregistrements studio. Un nouvel éclairage sur l’icône intemporelle d’un âge d’or mythique de l’Amérique.
Patrick Frémeaux

"Hollywood legend Judy Garland left her mark on 20th century American art through her movies, stage performances, radio and songs.
Her peerless ‘Over the Rainbow’ was voted ‘song of the century’ and five of her recordings entered the Grammy Hall of Fame. 
Lawrence Schulman presents an exceptional anthology with the first album featuring Judy Garland’s greatest hits and the second offering titles from private collections which have never been issued previously.  The rarity of these recordings compensates the quality of sound which is inferior to studio recordings.  A new aspect of this timeless icon from America’s Golden Age."
Patrick Frémeaux

French Label Unveils 79-Year-Old Film Soundtracks and 72-Year-Old Radio Broadcasts
Frémeaux & Associés is proud to announce the release of a new box set of two compact discs Judy Garland: Classiques et Inédits 1929-1956 [Judy Garland: Classic and Previously Unreleased Recordings 1929-1956] that contains forty Judy Garland recordings, most of which have been unavailable for up to seven decades. Culled from studio sessions and private collections from around the world, the anthology, whose tracks were trans-ferred by Grammy Award winner Jon M. Samuels in New York and remastered by Art & Son Studio in Paris, has been in preparation for over a year. It includes well-known and lesser-known Garland classics, but also collectors’ items many of which are previously unreleased, such as her screen debut at First-National—Vitaphone Pictures in 1929, 20 rare radio appearances of which 19 are new on CD, the first re-lease of a song she herself composed, and surround sound reproductions done for the set’s director, Lawrence Schulman, by the Australian sound engineer and award-winning radio host Robert Parker shortly before his death in 2004.
The two tracks that open the first CD, "Blue Butterfly" and "Hang on to a Rainbow", are both from Vitaphone discs done by the 7 ½ Frances Gumm for early talkies in 1929 – almost a decade before "Over the Rainbow"! The collection encompasses all the labels for which Garland recorded during her career, from the earliest Decca side "Stompin’ at the Savoy", to her last MGM recording Get Happy, and beyond to her Columbia and Capitol sessions. Of special interest on the first CD are "Send My Baby Back to Me", "Heartbroken", "Without a Memory", and "Go Home, Joe", all recorded in 1953. Robert Parker, well-known for extracting stereo from vintage jazz and popular recordings, transferred them from DJ vinyl 78s into surround in 2002. This is the first time any Garland studio session has been heard in surround. A regular guest on the radio during her movie heyday, Garland sometimes tried her hand at standards and novelty numbers she never performed on film or record. These coveted collectors’ items, released sparingly over the years, make up the collection’s second CD, which includes her first preserved radio appearance from 1935 wherein she belts "Broadway Rhythm", as well as "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" in 1938, "Goody Goodbye" in 1939, "In Spain They Say “Si-Si”" in 1940, "Daddy" in 1941, and "You and I" in 1951. Other new items to be savored are "Love’s New Sweet Song", a song Garland herself composed with husband David Rose in 1941 for a radio show, and a never-before-heard private record of her performing "Someone to Watch Over Me" for a Democratic Party dinner in 1944. “The fact that so many Garland radio performances have never been released so many decades after their broadcast is astounding” states Schulman.
The 32-page brochure in French and in English contains liner notes by Schulman, as well as a detailed discography.
Frémeaux & Associés, founded by Patrick Frémeaux and Claude Colombini, and recipient of the Grand Prix in honorem of the Charles Cros Academy, has built a catalogue over the years of some 25,000 references distributed in 32 countries. With of over 1000 awards, the label takes pride in striving to rehabilitate the sound heritage of the 20th century to make our collective memory permanently available to future generations.

Classiques : Blue Butterfly • Hang On To A Rainbow • Stompin’ At The Savoy • Over The Rainbow • I’m Just Wild About Harry • But Not For Me • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas • On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe • Who ? • You Can Do No Wrong • I Wish I Were In Love Again • Better Luck Next Time • Get Happy • Send My Baby Back To Me • Heartbroken • Without A Memory • Go Home, Joe • The Man That Got Away • Judy at the Palace • Memories of You - Inédits : Broadway Rhythm • Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart • On Revival Day • Smiles • My Heart Is Taking Lessons • On The Bumpy Road To Love • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot • Goody Goodbye • In Spain They Say “Si-Si” • Love’s New Sweet Song • The Things I Love • Daddy • Minnie From Trinidad • That Old Black Magic • Over The Rainbow • Embraceable You/The Man I Love • Somebody Loves Me • Someone To Watch Over Me • Love • You And I.

Droits : Groupe Frémeaux Colombini - Variétés Internationales.
Liste des crédits sur ce CD :
Judy Garland, Schuster Joe , Green B. , Razaf Andy , Harburg E.y , Sissle N. , Gershwin George & Ira , Martin H. , Mercer Johnny , Hammerstein Oscar , Porter Cole , Hart Lorenz , Berlin Irving , Koehler Ted , Robinson J.m. , Ebb Fred , Hilliard B. , Gershwin Ira , Edens R. , Freed A. , Hanley J.f. , Callahan J.will , Burke Johnny , Hoffman A , Traditionnel , Cavanaugh J. , Lecuona Ernesto , Rose D. , Harris , Bob Troup , Mercer Jonnhy , De Sylva B.g , Martin Hugh , Wilson Meredith
CDPisteTitreArtiste principalDuréeEnregistré en
11Blue butterflyJudy Garland00:02:021929
12Hang on to the rainbowJudy Garland00:01:091929
13Stompin' at the savoyJudy Garland00:02:271936
14Over the rainbowJudy Garland00:02:151938
15I'm just wild about harryJudy Garland00:02:041939
16But not for meJudy Garland00:03:151943
17Have yourself a merry little christmasJudy Garland00:02:471944
18On the atchison topeka and santa feJudy Garland00:03:161945
19WhoJudy Garland00:02:511945
110You can do no wrongJudy Garland00:03:051947
111I wish i were in love againJudy Garland00:02:481947
112Better luck next timeJudy Garland00:03:041948
113Get happyJudy Garland00:02:521950
114Send my baby back to meJudy Garland00:02:121953
115HeartbrokenJudy Garland00:02:421953
116Without a memoryJudy Garland00:02:501953
117Go home joeJudy Garland00:03:051953
118The man that got awayJudy Garland00:03:411953
119Judy at the palaceJudy Garland00:06:191955
120Memories of youJudy Garland00:03:381956
21Broadway rhythmJudy Garland00:03:571935
22Zing when the strings of my heartJudy Garland00:03:351935
23On revival dayJudy Garland00:03:021936
24SmilesJudy Garland00:02:521937
25My heart is taking lessonsJudy Garland00:02:171938
26On the bumpy road to loveJudy Garland00:02:311938
27Swing low sweet chariotJudy Garland00:01:521938
28Goody goodbyeJudy Garland00:02:261939
29In spain they say si siJudy Garland00:02:211940
210Love's new sweet songJudy Garland00:01:131941
211The things i loveJudy Garland00:02:261941
212DaddyJudy Garland00:02:181941
213Minnie from trinidadJudy Garland00:03:531942
214That old black magicJudy Garland00:02:371943
215Over the rainbowJudy Garland00:04:161943
216Embraceable youJudy Garland00:04:151943
217Somebody loves meJudy Garland00:01:071944
218Someone to watch over meJudy Garland00:02:421944
219LoveJudy Garland00:03:271945
220You and iJudy Garland00:01:271951

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