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Accueil arrow MUSIQUE DU MONDE arrow CUBA arrow ROOTS OF MAMBO 1930-1950
Réf. : FA5128

ROOTS OF MAMBO 1930-1950


Direction artistique : ERIC REMY
Nombre de CD : 2


Prix 29.99 €
A Victor 20-3457  (D9-VB-471)22. Idem : Tabu (Ernesto Lecuona)  Formation probablement identique à celle du tite 3, CD2. Concert live, probablement New York, Royal Roost, 5 octobre 1948, AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Services Jubilee Shows) recordCD 21. Dizzy Gillespie and his orchestra : Manteca (Gillespie- Chano Pozo Gonzalez) Même formation que titre 18, CD1. 30 décem?bre 1947 / RCA Victor 20-3023  (D7-VB-3090-1)2. Idem : Manteca (idem)  Gillespie(tp & vo), Burns, Cook, Wright (tp), Duryea, Shepherd, Tarrant (tb), Brown (as), Henry (as & vo), Gayles, Moody (ts), Payne (bs), Forman (p), Nelson Boyd (b), Stewart (dm), Pozo (conga), concert live, Pasadena Civic Auditorium, California, 26 juillet 19483. Idem : Guarachi guaro (Gillespie-Gerald Wilson) Gillespie, Burns, Cook, Wright (tp), Duryea, Hurt, Tarrant (tb), Brown, Henry (as), Gayles, Budd Johnson (ts), Payne (bs), Forman (p, cel), McKibbon (b), Stewart (dm), Joe harris (conga), Sabu Martinez (bongos), 29 décembre 1948 / RCA Victor 20-3370  (D8-VB-4148-1)4. Idem : Guarachi guaro (Rhumbop concerto) Formation probablement identique, concert live, lieu et date inconnus.5. Idem : Caravan (Ellington-Tizol) Gillespie (tp), Bill Graham (bs), Stuff Smith (violon), Milton Jackson (p), Percy Heath (b), Al Jones (dm), inconnu (percu), 25 octobre 1951 / Dee-Gee LP 1000 (2300)6. Idem : Tin tin deo (Fuller-Pozo) Gillespie (tp), John Coltrane (as), Jackson (p, vibes), Kenny Burrell (g), Heath (b), Kansas Fields (dm), inconnu (percu), 1er mars 1951 / Dee-Gee 3601  (4015x)7. James Moody and his Bopmen : Tin Tin Deo (idem) Dave Burns, Elman Wright (tp), Ernie Henry (as), Moody (ts), Cecil Payne (bs), James Forman (p), Nelson Boyd (b), Art Blakey (d), Chano Pozo Gonzalez (conga, vocal)  25 octobre 1948 / Blue Note BLP 5006  (BN 347)8. Machito and his Afro-Cuban orchestra : Mambo ( de l’Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite- Chico O’Farrill) Mario Bauza, Frank Davilla, Harry Edison, Al Stewart, Bob Woodlen (tp), Gene Johnson, Charlie Parker, Fred Skerritt (as), José “Pin” Madera, Flip Phillips, Sol Rabinowitz (ts), Leslie Johnakins (bs), René Hernandez (p), Roberto Rodriguez (b), Buddy Rich (dm), Frank “Machito” Grillo (maracas), Jose Manguel (bongos),  Luis Miranda & Chino Pozo (congas), Ubaldo Nieto (timbales), O’Farrill (arr), 21 décembre 1950 / Clef MGC 505  (558-6 / 559-4)19. Idem : No Noise (Bartee, arr. Hernandez)  Même formation sauf Edison, Rabinowitz, et Rich, décembre 1948 ou janvier 1949 / Verve 2154-110. Idem : How High the Moon (Lewis-Hamilton) Idem plus Howard McGhee (tp), Graciela Grillo (claves), moins Parker et Stewart. / Royal Roost, New York, 23 avril 1949 / Radio Broadcast11. Idem : Bop Champagne (Sampson-Bauza)Idem, 2 avril 1949, même lieu. / Radio Broadcast12. Idem : Mambo Is Here to Stay (Machito- Fuller)  Formation probablement identique, dates précises (1948-1949) et label (Norman Granz : Clef ou Mercury) inconnus. 13. Idem : U-bla-ba-du (Pepe Becke)  Idem, Graciela (vocal)14. Idem : Gone City (O’Farrill) (cf. Things to Come) Idem15. Walter Gil Fuller and his orchestra : Tropicana (Fuller)  Dave Burns, Mustapha Dalee, Bill Massey, Abdul Salaam (tp), Charles Johnson, Haleen Rasheed, Clarence Ross, Rip Tarrant, (tb), Jimmy Heath, Sahib Shibab (as), Pritchard Cheeseman, Billy Mitchell (ts), Cecil Payne (bs), Milt Jackson (p), Percy Heath (b), Art Blakey (dm), 11 juillet 1949 / Discovery16. Erskine Hawkins and his orchestra : Hey, Pretty Baby (S. Lowe - B. Range) Erskine Hawkins, Bobby Johnson, Sam Lowe, Idrees Sulieman (tp), René Hall, Bob Range, Michael Wood (tb), Jimmy Mitchell, Bobby Smith (as), Julian Dash, Stretch Ridley (ts), Heywood Henry (bs), Jimmy Phipps (p), Leroy Kirkland (g), Lee Stanfield (b), Ed McConney (dm), Mitchell (vo), 1er juillet 1950 / RCA Victor 20-3835  (EO-VB-4743)17. Idem : Opportunity (D. George- B. Smith)  Idem / RCA Victor 20-3835  (EO-VB-4744)18. Tadd Dameron and his orchestra : Casbah (Dameron) Fats Navarro (tp), Kai Winding (tb), Sahib Shibab (as), Dexter Gordon (ts), Cecil Payne (bs), Dameron (p, arr), Curley Russell (b), Kenny Clarke (dm), Diego Iborra (bongo), Vidal Bolado (conga), Rae Pearl (vocal), 18 janvier 1949 / Capitol 57-60006  (3392)19. Aimé Barelli et son orchestre : Lamento (Joe Bartel) Barelli, Alex Caturegli, Jean Mauclair, Georges Gay, Marcel Simino (tp), Benny Vasseur (tb), Armand Migiani (bar sax, arr), Jean Aldegon, Jean Fourmanoir, Paul Jeanjean, Louis Soen (as, ts), Pierre Foucault (p), Léo Petit (g), Daniel Giaccardo (b), André Jourdan (dm), Joe Bartel (vocal et bongos), 23 novembre 1949 / Pathé PG 363  (CPT 7311)CD ROOTS OF MAMBO 1930-1950 © Frémeaux & Associés (frémeaux, frémaux, frémau, frémaud, frémault, frémo, frémont, fermeaux, fremeaux, fremaux, fremau, fremaud, fremault, fremo, fremont, CD audio, 78 tours, disques anciens, CD à acheter, écouter des vieux enregistrements, albums, rééditions, anthologies ou intégrales sont disponibles sous forme de CD et par téléchargement.)
Le Mambo – encore appelé Afro, Cubop ou Latin jazz – est le fruit d’un mariage entre les musiques afro-cubaines et le jazz américain. Il prolonge les années swing aux Etats-Unis avant d’évoluer vers le be-bop. Cocktail explosif de gaieté, musique plantureuse entre toutes, le Mambo procure un irrésistible sentiment de chaleur teintée de nostalgie pour les années dansantes auxquelles il est indissociablement lié.
Eric Rémy & Patrick Frémeaux

Droits audio : Frémeaux & Associés - La Librairie Sonore (Notre mémoire collective à écouter).

Les ouvrages sonores de Frémeaux & Associés sont produits par les meilleurs spécialistes, bénéficient d’une restauration analogique et numérique reconnue dans le monde entier, font l’objet d’un livret explicatif en langue française et d’un certificat de garantie. La marque Frémeaux & Associés a obtenu plus de 800 distinctions pour son travail muséographique de sauvegarde et de diffusion du patrimoine sonore.
This album, issued by the world-famous publishers, Frémeaux & Associés, has been restored using the latest technological methods. An explanatory booklet of liner notes in English and a guarantee are included.
- « Roots of Mambo 1930-1950 » by Blues & Rhythm
John Lee Hooker’s « Mambo Chillen », The Hawketts « Mardi Gras Mambo », Earl Bostic’s « Mambostic » and the name of one of Willie Egans’ record labels – just a few examples of the influence of the mambo wich should be familiar to many readers. By the mid-fifties the term « mambo » - much as salsa was to be a couple of decades later – had really become a catch - all term within the music business for « exotic » sounding music. « We were trying to play a calypso-type style », recalls Hawketts drummer John Boudreaux of the  aforementionned number on, and Hooker’s piece is hardly Afro-Cuban. But just what was the mambo ? This double CD sets out to explain. The detailed notes (even more detailed in the French version) define the style as the union of Afro-Cuban music and American jazz, an evolution from Cuban forms such as the danzon, the son, and particurarly on this evidence, the rumba. Given the early dates of many of these titles, it is no surprise to find some very seretypical attitudes - the Congo seems to be the thirties’ punter’s choice for country of origin (please pipe down at the back, you ethnomusicologists) – and perharps equally un surprisingly, Cab Calloway is responsible for a lot of this, mugging his way shamelessly through several tracks with terrible lyrics – « chili con conga , that’s a new song-a, chili con conga, let’s beat the bonga’indeed ! – but allied to some very convincing sounding music from his orchestra. Elsewhere both Duke Ellinghton and Louis Armstrong turn in fine, if contrasting, treatments of the ground-breaking « Peanut Vendor », and the collection opens in fine stylewith Manolo Castro And His Havana Yatch Club Orchestra’s 1931 rendering of « Saint Louis Blues », which certainly does have the spanish tinge. Moving on, actual Cuban musicians become more involved with the mainland’s musical out put and the late forties « Cubop » experiments of Dizzie Gillespie are well-represented (ranging from some very pretentious items to several lovely « authentic » Afro-Cuban sounds), as are Machito’s recordings, though these are most often recalled nowadays more for Charlie Parker’s presence. Troughout, the Cuban groups are lively and unfailingly interesting. Some readers may like to note the presence of such sidemen with R&B pedigrees as Cecil Payne and Al Sears. Particularly note worthy and intriging are the two 1950 titles by Erskine Hawkins, R&B sides (one sung by Jimmy Mitchell), though with a definitive Latin persuasion. This is just one more facet of a truly fascinating set. Norman DARWEN – BLUES & RHYTHM
Liste des crédits sur ce CD :
Havana Yacht Club Orchestra , Castro Andres, Castro Antonio, Castro Manolo, Gonzalez Daniel, Portela Guillermo, Castro Juanito, Suao Luis, Rubio Luis, Handy Christopher, William , Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra , Armstrong Louis, Mc Clure Red Mac Morris, Scott Harold, Graven Luther, Hite Les, Johnson Marvin, Jones Charlie, Prince Henry, Simons Moises, Duke Ellington And His Orchestra , Whetsol Arthur, Jenkins Freddy Posey, Williams Charles Cootie, Nanton Joe Tricky Sam, Tizol Juan, Hodges Johnny, Carney Harry, Bigard Albany Barney, Cab Calloway And His Orchestra , Culley Wendell, Dickerson Roger Quincey, Wright Lammar, Wheeler De Priest, Harris Arville, Brown Andrew, Thomas Walter, Prince Earess, Kenny , Perkins , Irving Mills, Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra , Stewart Rex, Brown Lawrence, Ellington Duke, Hardwick Otto, Cheatham Doc, Collins Shad, Randolph Irving, Johnson Keg, Jones Claude, Coots , Davis , Haughton Chauncey, Berry Chu, Mills Irving, Baron , Tuvim, Payne Benny, Barker Danny, Hinton Milton, Calloway Cab, Harding , Socarras , Iznaga , Mariano Merceron Y Sus Muchachos Pimient , Merceron Mariano, Anderson Cat, Hemphill Shelton, Jordan Taft, Nance Ray, Woody Herman And His Orchestra , Berman Sonny, Candoli Secondo Conte, Candoli Pete, Hefti Neal, Lewis Irv, Harris Willard Bill, Kiefer Ed, Pfeffner Ralph, Burns Ralph, Arcano Antonio, Antonio Arcano Y Sus Maravillas , Inconnu , Lopez Orestes, Orch Noro Morales , Morales Noro, Buenos Ruben, Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra , Gillespie Dizzy, Bailey Benny, Burns Dave, Wright Elmon, Kelly Ted, Shepherd Bill, Brown John, Russell George, Cook Willie, Harris Benny, Duryea Andy, Hurt Sam, Tarrant Jess, Fuller Walter Gil, Tarrant Jesse, Henry Ernie, Lecuona Ernesto, Pozo Gonzalez Chano, Gayles Joe, Payne Cecil, Wilson Gerald, Graham Bill, Smith Stuff, Jackson Milton, Heath Percy, Jones Al, Coltrane John, Burrel Kenny, Forman James, Moody James, Boyd Nelson, Blakey Art, Machito And His Afro Cubans , Bauza Mario, Davilla Frank, Edison Harry, Stewart Al, Woodlen Bob, Johnson Gene, Parker Charlie, Skerritt Fred, O Farrill Chico, Madera Jose Pin, Bartee , Phillips Flip, Johnakins Leslie, Hamilton , Sampson Edgar, Becke Pepe, Walter Gil Fuller And Orchestra , Dalee Mustapha, Massey Bill, Salaam Abdul, Johnson Charles, Rasheed Haleen, Ross Clarence, Tarrant Rip, Erskine Hawkins And His Orchestra , Hawkins Erskine, Johnson Bobby, Lowe Sam, Sulieman Idrees, Hall Rene, Range Bob, Wood Michael, Mitchell Jimmy, Smith B, George D, Tadd Dameron And His Orchestra , Navarro T Fats, Winding Kay, Shibab Sahib, Gordon Dexter, Dameron Tadd, Russell Curley, Clarke Kenny, Aime Barelli Et Son Orchestre , Barelli Aime, Caturegli Alex, Mauclair Jean, Gay Georges, Simino Marcel, Vasseur Benny, Migiani Armand, Aldegon Jean, Bartel Joe
CDPisteTitreArtiste principalDuréeEnregistré en
11Saint louis bluesHavana Yacht Club Orchestra 00:02:411931
12The peanut vendor 1Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra 00:03:231930
13The peanut vendor 2Duke Ellington And His Orchestra 00:03:211931
14Doin the rumbaCab Calloway And His Orchestra 00:02:581931
15Moonlight fiestaDuke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 00:02:541935
16Caravan 1Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 00:02:431937
17Conga bravaDuke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 00:02:591940
18The congo congaCab Calloway And His Orchestra 00:03:011938
19Chili con congaCab Calloway And His Orchestra 00:03:051939
110Rhapsody in rumbaCab Calloway And His Orchestra 00:02:471940
111Yo eta cansaCab Calloway And His Orchestra 00:03:001940
112Goin congaCab Calloway And His Orchestra 00:02:511940
113No quiero swingMariano Merceron Y Sus Muchachos Pimient 00:03:321943
114Caravan 2Duke Ellington And His Orchestra 00:02:511945
115BijouWoody Herman And His Orchestra 00:03:231945
116Mambo 1Arcano Antonio00:03:061946
117Mambo 2Orch Noro Morales 00:02:471948
118Cubana be cubana bop 1Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:05:571947
119Cubana be cubana bop 2 afro cuban suiteDizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:07:111947
120Algo buenoDizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:03:001947
121Swedish suiteDizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:02:511949
122TabuDizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:06:121948
21Manteca 1Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:03:071947
22Manteca 2Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:07:461948
23Guarachi guaro 1Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:03:131948
24Guarachi guaro 2Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:08:531948
25Caravan 3Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:02:571951
26Tin tin deo 1Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra 00:02:421951
27Tin tin deo 2Burns Dave00:02:481948
28Mambo 3Machito And His Afro Cubans 00:06:061950
29No noiseMachito And His Afro Cubans 00:04:551949
210How high the moonMachito And His Afro Cubans 00:03:511949
211Bop champagneMachito And His Afro Cubans 00:05:161949
212Mambo is here to stayMachito And His Afro Cubans 00:03:111949
213U bla ba duMachito And His Afro Cubans 00:03:161949
214Gone cityMachito And His Afro Cubans 00:02:521949
215TropicanaWalter Gil Fuller And Orchestra 00:02:581949
216Hey pretty babyErskine Hawkins And His Orchestra 00:02:451950
217OpportunityErskine Hawkins And His Orchestra 00:02:451950
218CasbahTadd Dameron And His Orchestra 00:03:001949
219LamentoAime Barelli Et Son Orchestre 00:02:511949

Les internautes ayant acheté «ROOTS OF MAMBO 1930-1950» ont également acheté :

Un cocktail de percussions et de gaudrioles, de tapioca et de mirontons, de jeux de mots oulipiens et de vers de mirliton, de petit nègre et de gaulois, de filles des îles et d’Offenbach...
Une anthologie d'Eric Rémy en 2 CD  accompagné d'un livret 32 pages sur le fantasme de l'exotisme et de l'histoire de l'immigration.
Patrick Frémeaux

Droits : Frémeaux & Associés.

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